Style 40 | Long Dresser Coupling | O.D. Range: ( 12.75" - 24" )

Product Description

Product Features:

Style 40 Long Body Dresser Couplings provide a simple and effective method of joining pipe where gaps are wider than ordinary. Besides having longer middle rings and belly diameters, the design is similar to Style 38 couplings. despite length, they absorb the same amount of expansion and contraction, up to 3/8” per joint.

Note: This variant of Style 40 Coupling is made for Steel Pipe
           Only  showing ( 12.75" - 24" ) O.D. | Go to ( .84" - 4.5" ) or Go to ( 5" - 10.75" )

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Followers: AISI C1012 or ASME SA36 (Ductile or Malleable Iron thru 1.9”)
Middle Ring: ASTM A513, ASTM A635 or ASME SA675 GR60
Bolts: AWWA C 111/ANSI A21.11 
Gasket - Available in following gaskets (Dresser Gasket Guide);
• (27) Buna S - Temperature rating up to 212 F - Most Common
• (42) Buna N - Temperature rating up to 150 F
• (365) Graphite Fiber - Temperature rating up to 1200 F
(27) Buna S and (42) Buna N gaskets are available with steel Armors.

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Size & Dimensions:

Size & Dimension table for Style 40 Dresser Coupling for Cast Iron and Ductile Iron

Outside Diameter O.D. (inch)
Middle Ring: (Thickness x Length) (inch)
Gasket Type
$ 813.52

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