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Product Features:

Dresser Coupling Style 90 have been installed on millions of natural gas service lines where they have helped to speed installation and cut costs.

Dresser Coupling Style 90 consist of a cast iron or forged steel body; two resilient, specially compounded
gaskets; two steel, self-centering protective gasket retainer cups, and two heavy end nuts.

All Dresser Coupling Style 90 are shipped assembled and ready-to-use.


Gasket Retainer Cup

  • Cup-shaped design of style 90 protects gasket.
  • Prevents friction between the gasket and end nut, resulting in consistent high performance.
  • Eliminates gasket interference in end nut threads, providing an accurate sense of tightness.
  • Closely confines the gasket, permitting more clearance between the end nut and pipe, and greater pipe deflection


  • An ample, wedge-shaped section gives reserve packing power and high gasket pressure in style 90 Dresser coupling.
  • Scientifically compounded rubber is made to last the life of the pipe.
  • Interchangeable with most of the corresponding sizes of gaskets used in Style 38 bolted Dresser couplings.


  • Machined, wedge-shaped flare provides a perfect gasket seat and uniform pack at all points.
  • Thickness always at least equal to that of pipe (on couplings, ells & tees).
  • Longitudinal pipe movement up to 1/16” per gasket may be safely absorbed.
  • Dresser Coupling Style 90 is made of rugged iron or steel.

 End Nut

  • High-grade iron, perfectly formed and rigidly inspected.
  • Long threading affords reserve “take-up” on gasket when needed and prevents stripping.
  • Clearance between pipe and nut permits more deflection of pipe (Possible because the gasket retainer cup also confines gasket).
  • Robust thread design resists stripping. (Test torques of 600 ft. lbs. reveal no stripping.)
  • Coarse, rugged threads make for easy starting.

 Dresser Coupling Style 90 offers 150 psig pressure rating as standard. Other pressures available upon request.

(Get Additional/Replacement Gaskets Retainer Cups and Nuts Here)

Dresser Style 90 Fitting Video

Video below shows and overview of different style 90 fitting for gas service and regular service.


Product Type
Outside Diameter (inch)
$ 40.02

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