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Threaded Mechanical Tee | NPT

Nominal Size (in): 3 X 1.25
Bolt Type: Galvanized
$ 181.82
SKU: 66MT3030012
Weight: 2.93 lb

Threaded Mechanical Tee | NPT

Product Features:

Fig. 65MT & 66MT
Mechanical Tee, NPT
€¢ Maximum working pressure 500 psi (34.5 bar) depending on size and
schedule of pipe
€¢ ASME B1.20.1 NPT Threads
€¢ Equivalent length in feet of Schedule 40 outlet pipe with a Hazen-Williams
coefficient of 120 per UL 213
€¢ All housings, gaskets and bolts identified by SCI logo
€¢ 100% Magnetic Particle inspection of each Bolt
€¢ Each bolt has a minimum tensile strength of 110,000 psi
€¢ Gasket Grade E - EPDM (green stripe) -30?F (-34?C) to +230?F (+110?C)
€¢ Ductile iron housings conform to ASTM A-536
€¢ Smith-Cooper Warranty only applies to assemblies made with housings,
gaskets and bolts carrying the logo

General Information

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A) Trupply offers 100% refund for unused items with-in 30 days.

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A) MTRs are provided upon request. You can mention it at the time of order under "Order Notes" or email customer service.

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Country of Origin

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Technical Specifications

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Test Report, Data Sheet And Drawing

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  • A 2" by 1" mechanical tee, is the 2 pipe side or actual o.d of pipe

    The sizes are referred to as the Nominal Size where the size is "stated or expressed but not necessarily corresponding exactly to a real value." All pipe is rerenced in this way along with the pipe schedual. To identify sizes coresponding to Outside Diameters or Inside Diameters, take a look at our pipe chart in the link below.   https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0881/7528/files/PipeChart_Trupply_2015.pdf?3187985856985819682

  • What size hole do you drill for a 3 by 1 mechanical tee

    This tee has a EPDM Gasket between the 1" Nom branch outlet so as long as the hole is at most 1" Nom then the gasket will have good contact to seal.

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