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Blind Flange is manufactured without a bore and used to blank off the ends of pipes, valves and pressure vessel openings. From a standpoint of internal pressure and bolt loading, blind flanges are of the most highly stressed flange types, especially in the larger sizes. Because most of these stresses are of bending types near the center and there are no standard inside diameters, these flanges are suitable for higher pressure/temperature applications.

All domestic steel pipe blind flanges are made from material forged and machined in USA.

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A105 - The standard forged carbon steel piping components for ambient and high temperature / pressure systems

SS304 - A common standard for stainless steel due to its malleability, high corrosive resistance weld-ability  

SS316 - A molybdenum stainless steel that provides excellent tensile, creep and stress-rupture strengths at elevated temperatures

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