Inline Check Valve

Q&A with a Distributor

We recently sat down with a distributor which specializes in smaller size valves and pressure products (up to 4") mainly for O&G customers. Below is the transcript of the session;

Speaker 2: Ok, so we offer our inline checks in two different materials. Anything that is 3,000 pounds are going to be are brass inline checks, anything that is going to be 6,000 pound is going to be our stainless steel. All from a quarter-inch, half-inch; as you can see we got the half-inch here. Ok, so you got your quarter-inch and your half-inch. So, we do sell a lot of these, a lot of these are going to like gas injection systems. It's got a spring mechanism in here and the flow, the product pushes the ball up against that spring which allows the opening to open, which creates the flow and then the flow will go around the ball and the spring; when the pressure stops that spring mechanism forces the ball back up against seat which causes the seal, pretty simple. The arrow means one direction, that means the product can actually flow only one way through this jet valve.

Speaker 3: And does it have an oring somewhere?

Speaker 2: Yes, it's got a oring in it.

Inline Check Valves

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