Oil Field Ball Valves

Oil Field Ball Valves:

Oil Field Ball Valves are a form of a quarter turn valve that uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball (“floating ball”) to control flow. It is open when the ball’s hole is in line with the flow and when the handle is flat in alignment. When the ball is pivoted at 90° by the valve handle and when the handle is perpendicular to it, it is closed. This makes it easy for visual confirmation of the valve's status. They are durable, perform well after many cycles, and are reliable; closing securely even after long periods of disuse.

TRUPPLY brings to you a variety of oil field ball valves.


Oil Field Ball Valves


Q&A with a Distributor 

We recently sat down with a distributor which specializes in smaller size valves and pressure products (up to 4") mainly for O&G customers. Below is the transcript of the session.

Speaker 2: You have your oilfield ball valve. Ok, it's got a grease fitting up top to be able to put greasing down to where all the mechanisms are; the stem. We offer these in a threaded, a two-piece threaded or a two-piece bolted body. You'll see these a lot coming off your production trees, your lines going into your tank battery systems. Essentially just a quarter turn ball valve, got your handle here. Ok, quarter turn to stop the flow, open it back up to where it's in line with the ball valve for flow. Pretty simple stuff, anything 2,000 pounds and under is going to be your ductile iron, anything over 2,000 pounds is going to be your carbon steel. Simple, it's got a locking mechanism, right here on your oilfield ball valve; just put that in place. This opens up and then you put this hole over here in your locking mechanism, that's pretty much it.

Speaker 3: What sizes is it available in?

Speaker 2: We offer these for 1-inch all the way up to 4-inches as well.

Speaker 1: And we will go on the carbon steel ball valve up to 5,000 pounds.

Speaker 2: 3,000 pound and 5,000 pounds.

Speaker 3: And these are full port or reduced port?

Speaker 1: We offer them in both full port and reduced port.

Speaker 3: Ok, perfect.