Dresser Repair

Dresser has expanded it’s repair product line to include clamps and weldable sleeves. Dresser Gasket is also available for servicing Dresser couplings. Dresser offers the broadest line of couplings, including long body, insulating, reducing and transition types.

Products feature Dresser AL-CLAD™ coating as standard in the most popular sizes. Our epoxy coating offers optimum protection against highly corrosive soil or aggressive water conditions and for handling brine, brackish water, most acids, alkalies, oil, chemical particulates and gases.

Pipe joints must be able to absorb pipe stress caused by natural forces and natural expansion, contraction, vibration and deflection while the line is in service. The sealing capabilities of Dresser Gasket and the extreme flexibility of a Dresser coupled joint is made possible by the resilience of the rubber-compounded gaskets.