PPC-ZR | PSI | 4.5" DIAL 1/2" Connection

Product Description

PPC-ZR | PSI | 4.5" DIAL 1/2" Connection


Winters PPC StabiliZR Process Gauges are used where operator safety is a must. Applications are suited for the chemical and petroleum industry where chemical compatibility and contamination is a concern. This winters PPC gauge has StabiliZR feature and PSI scale only scale with 4.5 inch Dial and 1/2 inch connection. StabiliZR feature eliminates the need for liquid fill while still allowing the dampening of gauge needle.

PPC Add-On Options


  • StabiliZR™ dampened movement minimizes effects of pulsation and vibration without liquid filling
  • Solid phenolic front and polypropylene pressure relief back safety case
  • ±0.5% accuracy
  • Stainless steel full rotary movement
  • Micrometer pointer for ease in calibration
  • Under and overload stops
  • 316L stainless steel or brass wetted parts standard
  • Restrictor screws standard on dual scale (optional on single scale gauges)
  • ASME B40.100 compliant
  • RoHS compliant (SS and Monel® internals only)
  • CRN registered
  • 5-year warranty

Winters PPC StabiliZR Process Gauge is Made in Canada

    Socket, Tube
    $ 89.33

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