Workplace Safety Equipment & PPE

Trupply is a leading supplier of workplace safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). We are an authorized distributor of Portwest safety products. Portwest is a UK based company with more than 100 yrs of experience in making safety equipment and PPE such as hard hats, safety glasses, coveralls, work uniform shirts, work trousers, steel toe shoes, ear plugs and more.

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All the PPE items sold on our website conforms to industry standards for flame resistance, durability, toughness and be able to withstand harsh working conditions. 

Hazard Protection

Hazards our safety equipment and products can protect from includes;

Flame | Electric Arc | Biological | Chemical | Entanglement | Compression | Molten Metal | Sparks | Heat | Cold | Impact | Slip | Compression | Noise | Fall | Visibility | Rain | Cut | Stains | Radioactivity | Uv | Vibration | Esd | Spill

Industries we serve

Agriculture & Farming | Agrochemical Handling | Asbestos Handling | Automotive | Aviation | Chemical & Hazardous Materials | Construction | Disease & Contamination| Electronics | Engineering | Food Processing | Forestry | Government & Local Authorities | Motorway & Road Building | Manufacturing | Mining | Oil/Grease-Related Environments | Oil & Gas | Painting & Decorating | Pharmaceutical | Police | Ports & Shipping | Railways | Transport | Tourism & Entertainment | Utilities | Veterinary Services | Warehousing | Waste Management | Welding & Allied Processes

Certified Products (CE)

Every Portwest EN standard safety product is tested and certified by an independent test-house. All Portwest EN-Type Certificates and Declarations of Conformity can be requested via email to 

The manufacturer of CE-marked goods verifies that the product complies with all applicable EU requirements, such as safety, health and environmental protection, and if stipulated in any EU product legislation, has had them examined by a Notified Body or produced according to a certified production quality system.

Industry Associations

Portwest is a member of the leading safety industry research and technology centers.

SATRA: is the world’s leading research and technology centre of its kind and employs scientific, technical and support staff in the UK, US and China.

BSI: UK National Standards Body, with a globally recognized reputation for independence, integrity and innovation.

BSIF: The British Safety Industry Federation is the UK’s leading
trade body within the safety industry.

Where we manufacture?

Portwest products are manufactured in Europe and the Far East, including a new ultra-modern, high-tech factory in Bangladesh, where garment quality and performance have
been brought to a new level. Portwest factories are Worldwide Responsible Accredited
Production (WRAP) certified. Customers can be assured all Portwest products are
manufactured ethically and responsibly.

What we offer?

Trupply offers variety of safety equipment & PPE for convenient online shopping. Our safety product line includes fall protection products, high visibility (Hi Vis) products, steel toe and safety footwear, PPE products, flame resistant products, hand protection products, rainwear products, knee protection and hazard protection products.

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