Lap Joint Flanges

Lap Joint Flanges

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Lap joint flanges use a stub end that is welded to the pipe. A ring flange fits loosely around the stub end, permitting easy flange alignment of the bolt holes. A lap joint flange is also called Van Stone or Stub Flange. The stub ends are available in three styles (Types A, B, and C) and two lengths (Short and Long).

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The video below gives an overview of lap joint flange.

Video Transcript:

This is a lap joint flange. The difference between a lap joint flange and a slip on flange (I want to show you a slip on flange, which looks very similar), from the outside it almost looks like the same. But you look on the backside, it has a little radius and a little end right here. Some people confuse this with a flat faced flange. It is not. If you look at the difference, just look at the backside, you will see that this is different because it has a little radius. I’ll show you right now why it has a little radius (the lap joint flange).

For example, I have the same flange in stainless steel. This is a stainless steel 304 flange. Whenever you’re using a lap joint flange, you use a stub end. The radius is for the stub end, so you do like this and that’s why it’s called a lap joint flange. You need to have a stub end and that is the purpose of that little radius right there.