Camlock Cam and Groove Coupling



Designed/Manufactured as per Mil Spec 27487 tolerances that allows easy interchangeability with all major brands of this type coupling.

The components of the Cam & Groove Coupling as follows :

Body Class A

Aluminum alloy - UNS A03560, A07120, or A07130 per ASTM B26. Aluminum alloy - UNS A03560 in T6 Temper, A07120, or A07130 per ASTM B26 for castings and 2011, or 6061 per ASTM B211 for bar stock



    Maximum Operating Pressure Cam and Groove Fitting




    Cam arms will be Copper Alloy UNS C36500, C37700, C46400, C48200, or C48500 per ASTM B124 for forgings, or Stainless Steel UNS S30400, or S31600 per B325 or CF-8, or CF-8M per ASTM A743, or suitable powdered metal per MPIF STD 35, or suitable investment cast metal to ASTM A3 51 or A743.


    Gaskets are of Nitrile material for use in temperatures above -20° F. Nitrile gaskets conform to ASTM D 2000, Grade M2BG610 B14EA14EF21F17Z1Z2. Buna-N (Standard) -40 F to 212 F.

    Cam Pins

    Cam pins will be CRES Alloy UNS S30323, S30300 per ASTM A582, or Class S30430 or S31600, condition A, per ASTM A276.

    Pull Rings

    The pull rings will be CRES Alloy UNS S30400 or S30200 per ASTM A313.

    The surface finish of the coupling assembly will be Class A Aluminum alloy - Anodic coating, non-dyed, 0.0004 inch minimum thickness.


    More Info Coming Soon.

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