Dresser Coupling Style 38 & Style 40 Videos

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Dresser introduced its first coupling over 100 years ago. Since then Dresser has expanded it’s repair product line to include Dresser Clamps and weldable Dresser Sleeves for the water and industrial markets. For today’s pipeline integrity repairs, Dresser coupling style 38 and style 40 offers a convenient way to repair pipe where a pipe can be slid inside the coupling. The main difference between a Dresser Clamp and a Dresser Coupling is that Dresser Clamp offers wrapping ability, however, with lower pressure rating. Dresser Coupling on the other hand, allows full-integrity pipe joint that is as good as the pipe itself. Some of the benefits of Dresser coupling are;

  • Eliminate vibration damage: Seal inside the dresser coupling allows vibration dampening. This is very useful in case of pipe joints near pumps & compressors.
  • Eliminate pipe damage due to thermal expansion and contraction: Dresser coupling allows for slight movement axially to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction. This prevents cracks & buckling damage on pipes.
  • Repair pipe without welding: Why weld when you can install dresser coupling? There are many hazardous area application where hot work permit is not an option and Dresser Coupling offers an equally viable alternative to repair the pipe.
  • Allow for axial misalignment: Dresser coupling style 38 and style 40 allows for slight misalignment in the pipe. Dresser gasket will allow installation in a pipe that is not perfectly aligned and still work with full pressure integrity.
  • Repair longer sections of pipe damage: Style 38 Dresser Coupling and Style 40 Dresser coupling allows repair of larger sections of damaged pipe. Style 40 coupling is available in lengths up to 24 inch. Several contractors use two style 38 or style 40 coupling with a pipe in the middle to repair even larger sections of damaged pipe.
  • Easy maintenance: Style 38 and style 40 coupling allows you to join your equipment such as pump or compressor with a coupling instead of a welded joint (like a flange). This is especially very handy for regular maintenance of the main equipment. Dresser also makes a special coupling that has a flange end (Style 128 flange adapter).

Below are some of the videos on Dresser Coupling including overview, installation and component details.

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