Trupply offers Dresser Coupling for convenient online shopping. Trupply carries wide range of couplings in all sizes, ready to ship the same day. Dresser Coupling is an economical way to repair water, waste water, gas and fluid pipe lines associated with residential, commercial and industrial applications. All dresser couplings comes with epoxy coating for corrosion resistance and Dresser life-time gasket. Gasket choice includes Buna S, Buna N, Viton and high temperature gasket for services up to 1200 deg F. Pressure rating ranges from 150 psi to 1400 psi.

The Basic Working Principle of Dresser Coupling

Dresser Coupling

The Dresser coupling consists of one cylindrical middle ring, two follower rings, two resilient gaskets of special Dresser compound, and a set of steel track-head bolts. The middle ring has a conical flare at each end to receive the wedge portion of the gaskets. The follower rings confine the outer ends of the gaskets. As the nuts are tightened, the bolts draw the follower rings toward each other, compressing the gaskets in the spaces formed by follower rings, middle ring flares and pipe surface thus producing a flexible, leak-proof seal on the pipe joint.

Dresser Coupling Collection