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Sucker Rod Couplings

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Sucker Rod Couplings

Product Specifications:

Two different grades of Sucker Rod Couplings are available: T and SM. The manufacturing process of both the grades is the same with cold worked pre-stressed, roll-formed threads with the anti-galling coating. This process results in stronger/fatigue resistant threads.
The manufacturing inspection, the dimensions and the tolerances of the couplings match or exceed the specifications of the latest API standards.

Grade T Sucker Rod Couplings

These couplings are made up of 5140 alloy steel and are very resistant to hydrogen embrittlement.

Grade SM CO-HARD Sucker Rod Couplings

These couplings are made up of 5140 alloy steel and are very resistant to hydrogen embrittlement. In order to yield a strong metallurgical bond between the base metal of the coupling and the spray metal coating, the base metal is prepared to a No. 1 NACE TM0170 or TM0175 finish prior to the spray metal coating process. The spray coating process is conducted to prevent coupling abrasion wear or coupling corrosion.

Mechanical Properties Type SM

1. Thread check by B6 No-Go Gage, B2 Go Gage

Mechanical Properties Type SM 

1. Spray Metal thickness 0.25-0.51mm
2. Thread check by B6 No-Go Gage, B2 Go Gage

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Ask a Question
  • Do you carry the 5/8”X3/4” changeover sucker rod couplings?

    Unfortunatly we do not have every product on the website. However we can assist you on our sales inbox at

  • Do you have left handed thread 34 inch internal couplings?

    Unfortunatly we do not carry this.

  • Will the 01625 couplings fit a 5/8-18 thread?

    For a 0.625" Nom Sucker Rod Coupling, The thread size is 5/16-18

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Sucker Rod Couplings

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