StabiliZR™ Gauges

StabiliZR Winters Gauges

StabiliZR gauges are dry Winters gauges that come with a StabiliZR dampened movement that eliminates pointer flutter caused by vibration and pulsation. This makes pressure reading much easier. No more worries of fill fluid leaking and compatibility issues with the process media. Gauges can easily be serviced without the hassle of draining and then refilling the case with fill fluid.

StabiliZR Movement is available as an option on the following Winters gauges:

  • PPC
  • PFQ
  • PFP
  • PN2

What customers are saying about the StabiliZR vibration dampening gauges:

“It is one of the best product ideas I have seen .... all liquid filled gauges leak eventually. This is truly something new and better” - Montgomery, Alabama, USA

“It quite simply is a better mousetrap, truly innovative. Solved age old problem of leaking gauges.” - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Lightweight gauges are a very clear advantage” - Amman, Jordan


Testing Standards

250,000 cycle testing was performed on StabiliZR and glycerin filled gauges side-by-side. The performance of the StabiliZR gauges was comparable to that of glycerin filled gauges.

Watch StabiliZR gauge comparison to liquid filled and a dray gauge

PFQ-ZR StabiliZR GaugePFP-ZR StabiliZR GaugePPC-ZR StabiliZR Gauge