Malleable Pipe Fitting

What is Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting?

Also knows as Black Iron Pipe Fitting, Cast malleable fittings are made in nominal pipe sizes form 1/8" to 6". Malleable fittings are available in black iron or galvanized finish. Most common type of fittings are floor flange, bushing, tee, elbows etc. Black Iron Pipe Fittings are available in 150# and 300# pressure rating. Malleable iron fitting, also knows as, plumber pipe fitting, meets the ASTM standard A 197. Threads are cut as per ASME B1.20.1. Galvanized malleable fittings conforms to galvanizing spec ASTM A 153. 

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Malleable Pipe Fitting - Floor Flange

Malleable Iron Threaded Fittings Overview

Black Iron Pipe Fitting Collection

See table here for black iron pipe fitting dimensions

see table here for floor flange dimension 

Pictures above shows the collection of malleable pipe fittings. The fittings shown from left to right, top to bottom are;

- 90 Elbow - 45 Elbow - Streel Elbow - 45 Street Elbow - Tee - Cross - Wye - Street Tee - Straight Coupling - Concentric Coupling Reducing - Cap 

T represent Fitted Thread Length

Pressure and Temperature Rating for Class 150 and 300 Malleable Fittings

Class 150: 150 psi (1034.25 kPa) Saturated Steam, 300 psi (2068.50 kPa) Liquid and Gas Non-Shock serice at max. 150 deg F (66 C)

Class 300: 300 psi (2068.5 kPa) Saturated Steam - 1/4" to 1" 2000 psi - 1 1/4" to 2" 1500 psi - 2 1/2" to 3" 1000 psi. Liquid and Gas Non-Shock service at max. 150 deg F (66 C).

Video Overview

Video below gives an overview of different malleable iron fittings.

Video Transcript

Hello. Today we’ll talk about malleable iron fitting and this is a collection of different malleable iron fitting. This is a malleable iron threaded across, this is a street tee, this is a malleable iron lateral, this is a regular tee, this is bull head tee, this is a reducing 90° elbow, this is coupling, this is a 45° elbow, this is a malleable iron floor flange, this is a reducing tee, pipe cap, hex plug, union, and a 90° threaded malleable iron elbow, and this is a malleable iron bushing. All of these samples are 150 pound, 2 inch, malleable iron fitting. Malleable iron fitting is also available in a galvanized form, and you can see right here, this is one example of a galvanized malleable iron tee. Malleable iron fitting is mostly used for plumbing and light industrial use. They are not very good for welding. If you have a situation where you have to weld a fitting, then you’re better off with a forged fitting.

Just for this video, we have a small 2 inch nipple, and I’ll show you how this thing is put together. This is a hex bushing. Again, if you have a 2 inch pipe, then you can just thread it right there. This is a hex plug, malleable iron plug. This is a pipe cap, it goes on a 2 inch pipe, you can see right here, it goes like this.

This is a floor flange, very popular, a lot of people ask for it. You can bolt it to the ground and then you have a thread on the other end and then you can thread your post or whatever your application is. It goes like this. Threaded malleable iron floor flange. Also available in galvanized floor flange.

This is a reducing tee, malleable iron reducing tee. You can see how it looks like, main run, and then the branches, the smaller branch. This is a 90° elbow, this is how it looks like. 45° elbow, bull head tee. The difference between a bull head tee and a regular tee is that the branch is bigger than the main one. You will ask why it’s not called a reducing tee. A reducing tee will always have a branch smaller than the main run, so whenever you have a branch that is bigger than the main run, then you call it the bull head tee. This is a 150 pound malleable iron bull head tee.

This is a regular tee, you can see the main run and the branch are the same size, 150 pound, regular tea. This is a service tee, and the way you can differentiate it, that it has a male end right here. This is how the service tee looks like. This is a malleable iron reducing coupling, one thread on this side, and a smaller thread on the other side. This is a reducing 90° elbow, 2 inch here, smaller thread here. This is a malleable iron tee, this is how it looks like. And this is a malleable iron lateral, you can see the main run and the branches at an angle.

To show you a difference between a malleable iron fitting and a thread forged fitting, this is a 2 inch, this is a bigger malleable iron fitting, 90° elbow, and this is the same thing, 3000 pound, this is 1 inch, made of stainless steel, this is malleable iron, but you can see the difference. It’s much more tighter turn, much more thicker and that’s why these are used for heavier application where malleable iron fittings are used for lighter application, plumbing application, light industrial applications.

The pressure rating, roughly, of a 150 pound malleable iron fitting is 150 psi, 300 pound malleable iron fitting has a pressure rating of 300 psi. Again, it’s a little more complicated, you have to look at the fluid and the temperature because the pressure is related to temperature. As the temperature goes up, the pressure goes down. You can look up the table on our website for pressure and temperature rating. Thank you.