The Dresser Style 131 Dismantling Joint is a double-ended flanged adapter that allows for longitudinal adjustment in piping systems where flanged end pipe is the standard. A typical dismantling joint would be used anywhere that a flanged end piping accessory, such as a valve or pump, requires quick installation or removal. 

Dresser offers the broadest line of Style 63 Expansion Joints including single-end (Type 1 and Type 3 shown below), and double-end (Type 2 & 4), limited-movement types, flanged, lock coupled, or weld ends. Aggressive wear and pipe wall failure caused by fatigue of the convoluted surfaces present in rubber accordion or metal bellows types is eliminated with Dresser expansion joints. There is no need for expensive pipe loop systems.

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Joint - Style 131 | Dismantling Joint
Style 131 | Dismantling Joint


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