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Dresser pipeline products have a line of compression couplings for up to 2 inch nominal pipe size. Trupply, one of the largest dresser coupling distributor in US, offers Style 90, Style 65 & Style 88 coupling for convenient online shopping. Scroll below to buy these couplings now.

Dresser Style 90 Compression Coupling

These couplings are often called Dresser Style 90 Gas Service Coupling since they are commonly used on gas lines. Over the years, millions of Dresser Style 90 Fittings have been installed on natural gas service lines where they have helped to speed installation and cut costs. Style 90 couplings and fittings consist of a cast iron or forged steel body; two resilient, specially compounded gaskets; two steel, self-centering protective gasket retainer cups, and two heavy end nuts. All fittings are shipped assembled and ready-to-use.

Dresser Style 65 Compression Coupling

Dresser Style 65 couplings are available in regular and long couplings, 90° Ell, and male and female adapters. Style 65 bodies are made of either steel or malleable iron; fitting bodies constructed of malleable iron conform to ANSI specifications for 150 psi rated fittings. The gasket retainer ring is made of cold-rolled carbon steel.

Shipped completely assembled and ready to use, Dresser Style 65 compression fittings install quickly onto plain-end pipe or tubing. Simply loosen the end nuts, stab the pipe into the fittings and tighten end nuts with a wrench. The connection is complete in less than a minute! No threading, flaring or exact pipe fitting required. Plus, the pipe joint can be easily disassembled for cleaning or repairs.

Style 65 compression fittings employ the same time-proven sealing principle that was developed by Dresser in 1891. The resilient gasket sealing principle provides permanent flexibility while absorbing expansion, contraction, vibration, stresses and deflection movement. Threaded pipes rob a pipe end of   40% of its strength. With Dresser Style 65 compression fittings you can use plain-end pipe and maintain uniform wall thickness throughout every joint in your piping system. Dresser Grade 27 Armored gaskets are supplied as standard, with Grade 42 Armored oil resistant gaskets available for special applications on request.

NOTE: Regular Style 65 couplings and fittings should not be used for temperatures over 150° F. 

Dresser Coupling Style 65 Catalog

Dresser Style 88 Compression Coupling – Brass

Style 88 Dresser fittings are handy, ready-to-use bottle-less connectors specially designed for use with copper tubing.



 Dresser Style 90 Compression Coupling  Style 90 Dresser Fitting Collection Style 65 Dresser Coupling
Style 90 Coupling Style 90 with insulator Style 65 Coupling


Dresser's Couplings work with a variety of size ranges and materials. Depending on the type of coupling, certain piping materials are needed to ensure a quality seal.

Steel Pipe - The standard forged piping components for ambient and high temperature. Steel pipe comes in many different styles and compositions for any condition.

Ductile Iron Pipe - Cast iron pipe was superseded by ductile iron pipe. Made of ductile cast iron, it is commonly used for potable water transmission and distribution.

Cast Iron Pipe - Cast iron pipe is a pipe which has had historic use as a pressure pipe for transmission of water, gas and sewage



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Dresser Style 88 | Brass Fittings

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