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Grooved butterfly valve Grooved Check Valve 
Grooved Butterfly Valve Grooved Check Valve

Benefits of Grooved Piping System

A grooved piping system is most versatile, reliable and economical piping system. It is more reliable than threaded or flanged connection and often results in 2x-4x faster installation. The system is designed to work with rolled or grooved pipes. Flexible grooved pipe couplings offer the flexiblity needed for vibration dampening or installation in earthquake prone areas.

1) Cost Saving

Grooved piping system offers up to 30% cost saving. It offers fast assembly in tight system, cleaner system with no welding slag, contamination or hot work permit. More predictable cost estimate for contractors resulting in faster and cheaper installation.

grooved coupling components grooved pipe joint  rolled pipe groove and cut pipe groove
A simple system with 3 components only Each pipe joint is a union Rolled or cut pipe groove


2) Each Joint is a Union

Each pipe joint is a flexible joint and removing the couplings allows removal of pipe for easy cleaning, servicing and maintenance. It also allows the flexibility to change the piping system and add / remove equipment.

3) Easy Installation with Rolled or Cut Grooved Pipe

Grooved pipe couplings require creating either a rolled groove or a machine cut groove. A rolled groove creates an indentation int he ID of the pipe whereas the machine cut groove is smooth on the ID. Rolled grooved is mostly done on thinner wall pipe whereas the machine cut groove is more common on thicker wall pipes. Grooved couplings are commonly installed on pipe schedules 5 to schedule 40.

A grooved pipe is much easier than a welded pipe joint, requiring no X Ray, hot work permit and associated hazards of welding a pipe.

4) Minimize Noise and Vibration

Use of grooved pipe coupling isolates the noise and vibration. Resilient gasket absorbs noise and vibration resulting in a quieter system. Provides superior vibration attenuation and eliminates the need of noise suppression devices.

pipe flexibility in grooved piping system

5) Provide Expansion and Contraction

A grooved pipe joint allows for expansion and contraction of the pipe joint without compromising the integrity of the connection. It eliminates the need for costly expansion joints. Grooved pipe joints also eliminates pipe stresses for buried and underground pipes.



Components of Grooved Fittings

A grooved coupling or a Victualic style groove coupling has four main components;

  1. A grooved pipe (grooved or cut)
  2. Coupling Housing
  3. Sealing Element (Gasket)
  4. Fastener (Nut and Bolt)
grooved pipe fitting


Grooved pipe fittings consists of grooved couplings, grooved fittings, grooved outlets, grooved valves and grooved replacement parts. Typical application of grooved fittings are in sprinkler risers, pipe feeds passing from one building area to another, locations prone to earthquakes, in discharge line above pump suction, in air or water fire services lines, piping system subject to excessive vibration, installation in tight spaces or where pipe alignment is difficult.

Grooved pipe fittings are limited to use with rolled or cut groove pipe, valve and fittings. These fittings are rated to 175 psi (1205 kPa) as a minimum. Pipe grooves are made according to ANSI/AWWA C606 specification "Grooved and Shouldered Joints".

These couplings are FM approved and can be used in underground services. The maximum ambient temperature for these couplings are 225 deg F (107 deg C)

These couplings are sold by nominal pipe sizes and will fit the corresponding nominal pipes ,valves and fittings.

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