Valve Selection Guide: Gate, Globe, and Check Valves

Gate, Globe, and Check Valves


Valves are crucial for controlling fluid flow in piping systems, impacting performance and safety. This guide delves into gate, globe, and check valves, aiding in optimal selection for your needs.

Gate Valves

A gate valve regulates flow via a gate or wedge-shaped disc. Ideal for on/off applications, they offer tight shutoff but aren't suited for flow regulation.


  • Tight shutoff capability
  • Low pressure drop
  • User-friendly operation


  • Unsuitable for flow regulation
  • Repairs challenging if seat is damaged
  • Susceptible to debris accumulation


  • Oil and gas industry
  • Water treatment plants
  • Chemical processing plants

Globe Valves

Globe valves control flow by adjusting a disk or plug against a seat. Designed for flow regulation, they provide precise control but incur a higher pressure drop.


  • Effective flow regulation
  • Tight shutoff
  • Repair-friendly


  • Higher pressure drop compared to gate valves
  • More expensive
  • Vulnerable to cavitation in high-velocity scenarios


  • HVAC systems
  • Steam systems
  • Water treatment plants

Check Valves

Check valves ensure unidirectional flow, preventing backflow and safeguarding downstream equipment. They're versatile but may be noisy and prone to fouling.


  • Backflow prevention
  • Low pressure drop
  • Versatility


  • Noisy in high-velocity setups
  • Limited flow control
  • Susceptible to fouling


  • Wastewater treatment
  • Chemical processing
  • Oil and gas pipelines

Selecting the Right Valve:

Several factors influence valve choice:

  • Flow rate: Gate valves suit low flows, while globe valves handle higher rates.
  • Pressure drop: Gate valves incur lower drops than globe valves.
  • Temperature and pressure: These affect valve material and construction.
  • Flow control: Globe valves regulate flow better than gate valves.
  • Backflow prevention: Check valves are ideal for this purpose.

Consider valve material, end connections, size, and rating during selection.


Valve selection profoundly impacts piping system performance. Gate, globe, and check valves each offer unique advantages and suit specific applications. Prioritize factors like flow rate, pressure drop, flow control needs, and backflow prevention when choosing. At Trupply, we provide high-quality valves and expert guidance for your specific requirements. Optimal valve selection ensures enhanced performance, efficiency, and safety for your piping system.