All you need to know about Dresser Style 65 Compression Coupling

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Video Transcript (see video below)

 Hello. Today we are talking about Dresser style 65 coupling. They are also called Dresser compression coupling or compression fitting or galvanized Dresser coupling. This is a standard, 1 inch style 65 coupling, this is how it looks like. This is a style 65 coupling elbow and a style 65 male nut.

Let me show you the component of these. If you open it up, and these are very simple to assemble, you can see that they have a gasket on both sides and the gasket, if you look here, has a retainer cup. This is a retainer cup, this is a gasket, and that’s how you put it together. Style 65 is 150 pound coupling, they are not good for more than 150 psi, used for light industrial application, light plumbing application; a place where you don’t want to thread, you don’t want to weld, you can use a compression fitting.

Let me show you how this goes together. Again, very simple. You just pass on the nut from one side, the gasket on the other side, and this goes like this, and that’s how you make a connection. Same thing on this side, slide the nut, make sure the retainer cup is on the gasket, and the lip of the gasket should be pointed inwards. If you just slide it on, and then push this thing on, and that’s how you make it. The better practice is that you want to leave a slight gap in the middle, so you should mark your pipe, make sure that you don’t push the one side too much. Leave about an inch, an inch and a half gap in the middle so this pipe will come all the way up to here, this will come all the way up to here, and you can just adjusted. Then, once you take a wrench and once you tighten it up, then it will create a seal. Remember, these type of coupling will not prevent a pipe pullout. If you have a situation where the pipe can pull out, then there is another solution. You can use a universal style 90 coupling that comes with lock ring, but they are generally used in an application where the pipe pullout is not an issue. Slight movement is okay, but don’t expect a lot. If there’s a lot of axial force, then this thing can come apart.

This is a style 65 compression elbow. This works on the exact same principle as the coupling, you just put one pipe right here, you put the other one right here, and it creates a seal. Remember, the style 65 coupling does not prevent an axial pullout, so if you have something pulling the pipe out, it will not prevent it; it just seals gaps the pipe. It holds it a little bit, but don’t expect a lot of pullout resistance. Again, to show you, this is the exact same thing. This is the nut and it has a retainer cup and the gasket. This is how it looks like, the gasket, the retainer cup, and the nut. Trupply also sells the spare parts, so if you have this in an installation, you want to replace the nut or the gasket or the retainer cup, we sell those separately also.

This is a style 65 compression coupling adapter, it’s also called a male adapter. It helps you connect to a threaded fitting and have a compression fitting on the other end. So if you have a threaded coupling, you can thread this on and then the other side now becomes a compression coupling in the similar fashion that you use the coupling. You slide the nut, put the gasket, and then you have a compressed coupling on this end.

This is an insulating adapter. If you are connecting a nominal pipe to a copper pipe or copper tubing, then you will use this insulating adapter. The way this thing works is you will have a regular coupling connection right here, imagine this is all made up, and on the other side, you will just drop this thing in, you have to make this loose, drop this thing in, and then you will slide your copper tubing through here. Once you tighten the nut, it will grab onto the pipe. What it helps is this copper tubing dimensions are different than nominal pipe dimensions. It helps collect a 1 inch regular pipe to a 1 inch copper tubing through the use of this insulating adapter. The way it works is, it’s hard to see from here, but it has a little lip so you don’t have to worry about it. You just make sure the opening end is facing outside and the little step on the inside, so once you drop the tubing in, it will just stop. It’s very simple to install, you just put this one in and then slide this onto your copper tubing, put this other thing here, and then, once you tighten the nut, it will grab onto it and it will make a compression fitting. Style 65 insulating adapter to join regular pipe to a copper tubing.

In summary, this is style 65 Dresser compression coupling, also called compression fitting. This particular one is 1 inch and this is available in a coupling, in a 90° elbow, in a male adapter, an insulating adapter to compensate for a difference in size from a regular pipe to a copper tubing. So if you want to connect a regular pipe to a copper tubing, slide this on on one end, put the copper tubing on and then you have a compression coupling that can be used on a copper tubing. Again, the components are very simple, you have a nut, and then you have a gasket and a retainer cup, and that’s what creates the sealing element. Remember style 65 compression coupling has 150 pounds psi pressure rating, generally for lighter application, water application, light plumbing industrial application. Style 65 compression coupling will not prevent a pipe pullout, so if you are in a situation where you think the pipe may pullout, then this might not be a good use. Thank you.