What is API 5L Line Pipe?

In the realm of oil and gas transmission, reliability is non-negotiable. Trupply's API 5L Line Pipe stands as a dependable solution, ensuring seamless transmission to any collection and distribution point. Let's delve into the specifics of our offerings and how they cater to diverse transmission environments.

Seamless and ERW API 5L Line Pipe:

Trupply's API 5L steel pipe lineup encompasses a variety of wall thicknesses and grades, providing versatility to meet the unique challenges of transmission environments. Available in both seamless and welded (ERW) configurations, our line pipe offerings are engineered for optimal performance.

Selecting the Right Pipe:

Understanding the intended end use and fabrication method is crucial for selecting the appropriate material specification, pipe grade, and special requirements. Whether it's ASTM standards, API 5L product service levels (PSL), API 5L Annex Requirements, or CSA Z245.1 categories, Trupply's offerings cater to diverse needs.

API 5L Specifications:

Our API 5L line pipe offerings adhere to stringent specifications, covering seamless and welded pipes suitable for conveying gas, water, oil, and other liquefied media. Each grade designation comes from the American Petroleum Institute (API) Spec 5L Specification for line pipe.

Grades Offered:

Trupply proudly offers a comprehensive range of API 5L line pipe grades, including:

  • API 5L B
  • API 5L X42
  • API 5L X46
  • API 5L X52
  • API 5L X56
  • API 5L X60
  • API 5L X65
  • API 5L X70
  • API 5L X80

Explore Our Pipe Chart:

For comprehensive details on pipe dimensions, weights, and specifications, refer to our  Pipe Chart. It provides a comprehensive overview to aid in selecting the optimal pipe for your transmission needs.

Trupply's API 5L Line Pipe solutions stand as a testament to our commitment to reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction in oil and gas transmission. Explore our offerings today to unlock seamless transmission capabilities for your projects.