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Trupply is a leading supplier of workplace safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). We are an authorized distributor of Portwest safety products. Portwest is a UK based company with more than 100 yrs of experience in making safety equipment and PPE such as hard hats, safety glasses, coveralls, work uniform shirts, work trousers, steel toe shoes, ear plugs and more



    Hazards our safety equipment and products can protect from includes;

    Flame | Electric Arc | Biological | Chemical | Entanglement | Compression | Molten Metal | Sparks | Heat | Cold | Impact | Slip | Compression | Noise | Fall | Visibility | Rain | Cut | Stains | Radioactivity | Uv | Vibration | Esd | Spill



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    Style S156 Pair of Knee Pads-1
    Style S156
    Pair of Knee Pads


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