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Merchant steel pipe fittings are low pressure pipe fittings in 150# category. These are low pressure fittings compared to forged steel fittings and are used in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Merchant steel pipe fittings conforms to ASTM A865 and ANSI B1.20.1 standard. These fittings, also known as, plumbing fittings are made of steel and good candidate for low pressure application. Merchant steel fittings are available as galvanized pipe fittings and black iron pipe fittings. These are called pipe fittings because they have standard national pipe thread (NPT) connections. These pipe fittings are available as;

  1. Full Coupling Pipe Fitting
  2. Half Coupling Pipe Fitting
  3. Hex Bushing Pipe Fitting
  4. Square Head Plug
  5. Hex Head Counter Sunk Plug


Specifications for merchant steel fittings follow typical pipe fitting sizing. All fittings include tapered threaded end connections for easy installation and quality seal.



Merchant Steel - Merchant Bar Quality is a steel term that refers to a lower quality type of carbon steel. Merchant Bar Quality bars are produced to specific sizes with appropriate control of the chemical limits or mechanical properties for non-critical uses. These types of bars are generally used in structural type applications involving bending, forming, punching and welding.


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